I have three signs… small reminders… in my study.  One on my door, another above it, the third above my closet door.  The sign on my door is, “It Could Be Today.”  The sign above the door is, “No Whinning,”  The one above my closet is Matthew 6:6.

“It Could Be Today” is there to remind me that at any moment… at any time… at any second one of two things could happen.  Either my life could end OR Jesus could return.  Both would result in my entrance into eternity.  That would mean that any chances I have to serve God, tell peolpe about Jesus, and honor God with my life would be over.  Thus I want to live like Jesus is coming back at any moment.

No Whining 1.jpg“No Whinning” is to remind me that I have been blessed by God more than I deserve.  If God never answered another prayer the rest of my life He has already answered one more prayer than I deserver and that is the prayer for salvation.  God knows exactly what I need in life and through His power He makes sure I have it.  So whinning means that I have sinfully expressed a lack of trust in God’s provision.

Matthew 6:6 is a reminder to pray.  Nothing happens without prayer.  Only by prayer does God accomplish great things.  He could do it easily without prayer… but He has chosen to use prayer to accomplish all things.  When I pray I am following in Jesus’ footsteps.  When I pray I am participating with God in His eternal plan.  When I pray I am being obedient.  When I pray I am the one blessed.

We all need reminders.  Little nudges to keep us going in the right direction.  For me those reminders are that Jesus could return today… God will provide all I need… and to keep my line of communication open with the Almighty.

What reminders do you have and where are they?