Have you ever taken the time to reflect upon God’s providential hand in the events of your life?  It is amazing and leads to worship when you spend a little time to see how God connects (And is connecting) the dots of our lives.  For instance, consider how God moved in order for me to become the pastor of Huffman Baptist Church (Among many other things I could write about that took place along the way):

Faye Turley’s mom and dad decided to move from Royal, Alabama to Birmingham.  Ron Ethridge, Sr decided to transfer from Alabama Polytechnic Institute (Auburn) and attend Howard College (Now Samford University).  Note… if either or both of these didn’t happen, I would not only not be the pastor of HBC, but I wouldn’t be!  Faye and Ron met in Birmingham (1956)… started dating… and got married.  Then low and behold… I was born a few years later (1960).

God saved me in January of 1971.  I was baptized at Huffman Baptist Church on February 21, 1971 to God’s glory.  HBC is pictured here.

Now jump forward from 1971 to 1988 at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.  While attending NOBTS I met many future pastors and ministers.  One person I met was Mark Wakefield.  He was also from Alabama, so we would talk and interact ever so often.  We fellowshiped and our young daughters played together.  Through the years after we graduated we’d see each other at state and national conventions for the SBC. 

Now flash forward to 2008.  I was pastor of a church in Muscle Shoals… where Mark’s daughter started attending while in college.  A while later, Mark called and asked me to fill the pulpit for him at Moulton Baptist Church (He was the only staff and needed a break).  After filling in for two weeks, the church asked if I’d be willing to be their interim pastor.  I said yes and filled that position for 16 months.  Now skip to the spring of this year… 2010.

Huffman Baptist Church was looking for a pastor.  They received my resume from two different sources and noticed that I had been interim at Moulton Baptist.  Which was the city their previous pastor and wife grew up in.  If I’m not mistaken, one or both attended church there, and had family who attend MBC while I was interim.  This is significant because it meant the Search Team from HBC could check me out in a manner not many search teams are able to do.  And now God has called me to Huffman Baptist Church.

Anyway… if it hadn’t been for my grandparents moving to Birmingham, my dad changing schools, meeting Mark in Seminary, all the things above and 10,000 more I haven’t recounted… I wouldn’t be where I am today in my life.  In each and every event God’s mercy and love was directing my steps for His glory and my ultimate good.  That is true not only for me, but also for every person who is a believer in Jesus Christ.  Now… YOU think back through your life events and see the hand of God at work!