Kidney stones are Adam’s fault!  I’ll explain that later… first…

I’ve been told the worst pain a person can experience is having a baby.  I can’t speak to that myself, but I’ve had two ladies tell me they prefer having a baby to a kidney stone.  My granny, who had 8 babies, said she have two babies before she’d have another kidney stone!  That pretty much settles it for me… kidney stones are more painful than having a baby.

After the pain of childbirth, you have a cute, cuddly, and precious little life to show for it.  After the pain of delivering a kidney stone all you have are bad memories and something ugly left over.  If you are brave, click here for what kidney stones look like.

On May 25, 1986… the day after my daughter Amy was born… I had my first kidney stone.  In the intervening years I’ve averaged 1 stone every two years.  To say they are painful is an understatement!  My most recent event was this past Saturday when an 8mm stone caused an obstruction and surgery was required to remove it.  Presently I have stones in both kidneys that are 4mm & 5mm in size.  I am scheduled to have lithotripsy (sp?) in the very near future to blast them with sound waves.

Reflection (2 Tim 2:7).  The pain associated with childbirth is Eve’s fault!  Kidney stones are Adam’s fault!  All pain, illness, disappointment, and heartache are the result of the fall.  When hardship, difficulty, or painful things come into our life they are NOT (!) God punishing us particularly for saying or doing something sinful.  They are the result of living in a fallen world that is universally infected by sin.

Whether it is a bridge collapsing… contracting cancer… having a kidney stone… or any other tragedy that may come into our life, they are all the result of living in a fallen world.  They are not the result of God in heaven gleefully punishing us for our mistakes.

So next time you have a hard time… pain comes into your life unexpectedly… you are struggling… don’t blame Satan.  Don’t blame God.  Realize that is life and look forward to the time when God will make all things new.  When every tear will be wiped away.  When there will be no more sorrow or pain.  When kidney stones will be nothing more than a faint memory.  Look forward to when we will be with Jesus in glory!