Lauren McCain V Tech.jpg  One of the young people murdered in the tragedy at Virginia Tech was Lauren McCain, a 20-year-old international studies major.  Consider a few things I found about this young lady compared with Cho Seung-Hui… the V-Tech killer.

  According to Fox News, Laruen’s My Space page listed “The love of my life” as Jesus Christ.  Her family said the 20 year old international studies major became a Christian some time ago.  In a statement they also said, “Her life since that time has been filled with His love that continued to overflow to touch everyone who knew her.”

  On My Space Laren wrote: “I don’t have to argue religion, philosophy or historical evidence, because I KNOW him (Jesus Christ).”

  In a birthday letter Lauren recently sent to a friend, she wrote… “I can only imagine… how wonderful heaven will be.”  I’m jealous of Laren because she got to see Jesus before me! 

  Laruen’s uncle Cordell Woods reflected, “Easter Sunday was the last day I had with Lauren. She was filled with a purpose.  There was nothing negative in her life. And that’s the way I want to remember her.”  Click here to read more.

  The family released a statement through their pastor that in part read: “We grieve over our great loss, and yet find peace in the reality that God is worthy of our trust and we are sustained in our sorrow by that truth.”

V Tech Cho Saun Hui.jpg  That is a stark contrast to descriptions about the killer.  It is reported that he was a loner who was filled with anger, rage, and hatred.  This young man was so confused he signed his name on class attendance sheets as “?.”  He had no friends even though people tried to reach out to him…

  The tragedy is that Cho was filled with as much hopelessness as Laren had hope.  The difference was that Laren had a relationship with Jesus Christ that brings hope to people in tragedy as much as in life.  I would say that Laren’s family is living… in the most difficult time of life… Philippians 1:27a.  They aren’t forcing it, it’s happeneing naturally because Jesus IS their life.

  The events at V-Tech puts life back into perspective doesn’t it?  Who cares what Don Imus said OR what Al Sharpton said about Don Imus.  The things that matter are less who will be president in 2008 but rather do those around us know Jesus.  The price of gas is nothing compared to being ready to enter eternity at any moment.

  Question for the day: What will people say about us two days after we enter eternity?

  Question for the day: Are we ready for the time when we will enter eternity?

  Question for the day: Are we proclaiming Jesus as we get closer to eternity?

  Click here to read a good article by Dr. Al Mohler on the V-Tech tragedy.