Okay… I’m tired of hearing, and not hearing, some things about “Big Ben” Roethlisberger.  I am tired of hearing how his football career will be effected by his conduct.  I’m tired of hearing how his actions will impact the draft and the Steelers’ season.  I’m tired of all the pundits talking about Ben’s this… Ben’s that… Ben needs to… Ben should… Ben shouldn’t.  Ben, Ben, Ben, Ben.  Give me a break!  He willingly and knowingly used his star status to force himself upon young… all be they starry-eyed and drunken… girls.

What about the girl(s) who’s lives have been messed up by this NFL “star” forcing himself on them?  What about the emotional trauma the girl(s) we know about who’ve been wounded by him?  What about the emotional struggles they have… and will have for years?  What about the parents and siblings of these girls?  Doesn’t anyone remember that they are having to deal just as many issues?  Where’s the compassion for them?

Honeslty… as the dad of a daughter (I’m speaking in the flesh now)… I don’t care how the situation transpired.  If a man forced himself upon my little girl I wouldn’t mind starting a prison ministry as a result of going after her attacker.  (Pause)  Now that’s out of my system… I hope and pray that I would honor God while going after little benny within the full scope of the law (If that is possible).

Now consider…

The girl(s) did put themselves in a situation they shouldn’t have (inebriation), but that doesn’t give Ben the right to force himself upon them.

The girl(s) should have known what the possibilities were (Ben’s previous conduct), but that doesn’t give Ben a green light to force himself upon them.

Note: Nothing good ever comes from drinking alcohol to excess (In my little world, if a person catches a buzz… they’ve gone too far.  I say that as the son of a severe alcoholic.).

Proverbs 23:29-35; 1 Corinthians 6:9-10

The written statement supposedly from Ben was most probably written by a lawyer for the Steelers… and had no resemblance to what a Christian who has repented should be saying.  What is at stake here are not dollars and cents, but the integrity of the Christian Faith!  If Ben were to really apologize, it would look totally different that what is being played out in front of us (Click here).

I do hope and pray Ben will get his spiritual life in order.  I pray the rest of his life is corrected also.  The latter will not come before the former.  By the same token, I pray those he’s wounded will seek God through Christ in all this (Hopefully Ben has not so defamed the faith in their eyes that they reject Christ.).  At the same time, I pray that the young girl who is dealing with who knows what all kind of issues will get her life in order also and be healed of this horrible event.

This is a sad situation indeed.  My prayer and compassion is more for the girl(s) he’s transgressed against.  For me, that is the part of the story that is missing (And maybe that’s best for the girl(s) at this time).