Premillenialism or Amillennialism?  Speaking in toungues or cessation of charismata?  Pre, Mid, or Post tribulation rapture?  Baptism by immersion or sprinkling?  Predestination or free will?

I have friends… all believers… all conservative… who all pray to the same God, read the same Bible, and are led of the same Holy Spirit, BUT they believe different things on the same topics.  What I don’t understand is how one can be right (They all think they are right by the way!) and the other wrong given the first sentence of this paragraph?

One Christian who loves Jesus… studies their Bible diligently… prays to God for revelation… is led of the Holy Spirit… YET they reject a particular belief while another friend can be described the same way and holds a conflicting doctrinal belief.  One of them HAS to be right and the other HAS to be wrong (At least in the way we think).  It is impossible for there to be two contradictory beliefs on one subject and BOTH be right.  RIGHT??

Maybe that’s why Romans 14:5b was written… “Let every man be fully convinced in his own mind.”

Just a thought… a random musing in the middle of the summer.