HoneyWhat we most fear losing is what we love the most.  Whatever we fear most of losing is the thing from which we get our identity.  That thing… whatever or whoever it is… is where and how we have meaning in our life.

For some the thing is a person… spouse, child, friend.  For others it is less tangible but just as real… recognition, power, influence.  Then there are those who are more concrete… net worth, size of house, the car they drive.

That thing is our functional god.  That person is THE love of our heart.  What is most important to us… that we are the most afraid of losing… without which we lose all hope… is what/who we serve and are a slave to.

The question for us is this… Is God THE love of our life?  Are we slaves to Him?

Jonathan Edwards famoulsy wrote, “Being told and believing honey is sweet cannot be compared to actually tasting and knowing honey is sweet.”

Psalm 34:8, “Oh taste and see that the Lord is good!”