Okay… let’s have a show of hands… How many can honestly say your life has turned out the way you dreamed it would when you were 18?  (Pause)

Second show of hands… How many have been surprised by the turns and twists your life has taken… that were completely beyond your control?  (Pause)

Last show of hands (Christians)… In all the events of life, can you not see God’s loving and merciful hand at work?

Application: Because of the last question, wouldn’t it be wise for us to trust God in whatever we’re in now or will experience tomorrow?

Thought Experiment: Play a little “What if, I’m glad” with me. Consider how your life has been enhanced and you’ve matured in Christ because what you planned/expected DIDN’T take place.

Faye Turley moved from Snead’s Crossroad to Birmingham and Ron Ethridge, Sr. decided to attend Howard College in Birmingham.  Note: Faye and Ron are my mom and dad.  If they hadn’t moved, I wouldn’t be writing this.  Not only that… Amy, Trey, and Britton wouldn’t be here {My kids} and this post wouldn’t exist!

Coach Charlie Richards talked me into playing football at Huffman.  Note: If this hadn’t happened I wouldn’t have played football at Southern Miss… I wouldn’t have gotten injured and transferred to Samford University… I wouldn’t have met Pam Britton (My wife)… and Amy, Trey, and Britton wouldn’t be here.  I wouldn’t have met Rhett or Ryan and my life would have been totally different… for the worse… on many levels.

I didn’t marry Susan or Leah or Amy or, or, or, or… but I did marry Pam!  For that alone I’m over the top thankful to God.

If my parents hadn’t moved from 909 79th Place South to 1400 Springville Road I wouldn’t have met Greg Garrett… we wouldn’t have ridden bicycles one day… he wouldn’t have asked me if I was ready to die… and I wouldn’t be saved (Or would I?).

And on and on and on.  Now you try it…

Reflection: God is on His throne.  He IS working our my life for His glory and my ultimate good.  I don’t have to worry because every hair on my head is numbered by God and I’m of more worth to him than many sparrows.  So whatever does or doesn’t happen is good.  Since I can’t add one inch to my height or do anything about tomorrow, I’m going to trust God.

What about YOU?