John_Gibson_PatonChristian… when you are in a tight and see no way out… consider that God may choose to deliver you through His angels.  It might happen in a way that you do not expect nor see nor understand.  Consider…

John Payton was a missionary to the New Hebrides. He tells a story about some angelic care that he received in his lifetime.  He said that one night wild natives surrounded his house, frantically dancing and jumping up and down in the jungle, desiring to kill John and his wife.  They got on their knees realizing there was no way they could protect themselves against these wild cannibals and they prayed.  Soon after that the attackers all vanished into the jungle, they were gone.  According to Payton’s biographer, a year later the chief of the tribe became a Christian, and John asked him at that time… “What happened that night about a year ago when your natives surrounded our little lean-to there on the sand and near the beach and all of a sudden they left?”  The chief said, “Well, because of all those men you had with you, we left.” John said, “There were no men, just myself and my wife.”  The chief said that they had seen men standing guard, hundreds of big men in shining clothes, with swords in their hands, totally circling his home.

Did God dispatch a legion of angels to protect Mr. Payton and his wife?  It wouldn’t be the first time.  Consider the story of The White Cavalry at Bethune, France in April of 1918.  Gwinn Day records it in his book The Wonder of the Word, Moody press, 1957. This is what he writes (Emphasis mine):

“The story of The White Cavalry at Bethune is attested by thousands of Germans and related in the words of a Prussian officer goes like this,” and I quote: “We were advancing at the head of our troops, all of whom were in excellent spirits, singing as they swung along, thinking that the British were now defeated and all that remained was to go forward without opposition and capture Paris.  By my side was Lt. Fritz and he suddenly seized hold of my arm saying, ‘Look, Herr Capitan, there is a large body of mounted men approaching Bethune from the other side.  Why, they are clad in white and are mounted on white horses.  Who can they be?’”

‘I don’t know,’ I replied.  ‘They may be British colonial mounted troops.’ We halted instinctively and stood watching those white uniformed clad cavalry advancing quietly through the smoke.  Their figures clearly outlined in the shining sun.  We saw the shells breaking into death-dealing fragments and bursting amidst their ranks with shattering crashes which shook the ground and this was soon followed by intensive machine gun fire which raked them to and fro until it would seem impossible for anyone to survive.

But The White Cavalry came, quietly forward at a slow trot and not a man nor a horse fell.  Resistless as the incoming tide, they advanced and in front of them rode their leader, a fine figure of a man.  By his side was a great sword, not a cavalry sword but similar to that used by the Crusaders.  And his hand lay quietly holding the reigns of his great white charger, as it bore proudly forward.  Then a terror seized me and I found myself fleeing from that awe-inspiring body of White Cavalry, frightened, terrified. All around me were masses of men, formerly an army, now a rabble, broken and afraid.  All fleeing from them.  But more especially from that wonderful leader on his great white charger.  The German army is defeated, we have lost the war and it is due to The White Cavalry.”

Who were they?  Maybe Psalm 34:7 helps us understand: “The angel of the Lord encamps round about them that fear Him and delivers them.”  Some people believed that God answered the prayers of the British people and delivered England.

Does… can… God do that… TODAY… FOR YOU?  Of course!  We never know because God’s army of angels are hidden from our eyes.