July 4th is a time we celebrate a successful rebellion… oops… “righteous revolution” sounds better.  WE won the argument against the British.  We put England’s King and Parliment in their place!  We broke away and started our own country so we could do things OUR way.  WE were right and Great Britain was wrong!  (PAUSE)  Kind of sounds like some churches and Christians we know doesn’t it?   Aside: For the history of our fight for freedom watch Schoolhouse Rock at the end which is titled “No More Kings.”

Ever had a disagreement with another Christian that was heated?  Did they say things that offended you, or did you say things that were mean toward them?  As you parted ways was it contentious… angry… and there were less than kind thoughts toward each other?  Did you know that happened to the Apostle Paul?

If you’ve ever had such an encounter, this message will be a real blessing.  Trust me… it is worth reading the whole thing.  CLICK HERE

Now for a little Schoolhouse Rock (From the 60s and 70s no less)…