The way you define success will impact significantly your self-worth.

William Carey preached and served in India for 7 years before he saw God convert anyone.  Noah preached 120 years without a single convert Isaiah was called by God to preach and was told the people would not listen to him.  Ezekiel was sent to speak God’s Word to people who were obstinate and would not listen.  Paul was run out of towns regularly… beaten… opposed… stoned… and whipped for his preaching.  There were even towns where Jesus didn’t have “success.”

Most Baptist churches would fire a preacher if no one joined for 3 years… much less 7.  Most preachers would quit if they didn’t have ANY converts for 10 years… much less 120.  I’m not sure any minister (Or those who observed him) would deem him a success if everywhere he went he was opposed, vilified, and maligned.  Then… if a preacher constantly get run off from churches wouldn’t we all doubt him… his call… his doctrine and theology?!

Was William Carey a failure?  What about Noah?  Isaiah?  Ezekiel or Paul?  None of them failed in God’s eyes regardless of what people who observed them thought.  And of course we know Jesus wasn’t a failure!

God does not bless every person He calls with worldly “success.”  God does not bestow upon all those who follow Him with observable blessings.  There are some in His army that are called to “fail” in the world’s eyes.

The world deems being a servant… being last… losing their life… being the least as “failing.”  Yet Christians who read their Bible know that those are the VERY THINGS that God declares makes those who follow Christ a success!

There are people who serve their entire life on earth without any recognition… without any visible success… without any accolades.  But that does not mean they are a failure.

Success in the Christian life is defied by three words: Obedience To God.

If you are obedient to God… you are a success… in HIS EYES.  To all who are obedient, one day GOD will say… “Well done good and faithful servant!”