I’ve sat through my share of boring messages which were such NOT because of the subject matter or the text, but for other reasons I’ll suggest in a moment.  I’ve also delivered messages when I was bored (Did you catch that?  If not, read it again).  That leads me to a question, “What makes for a boring sermon?”   Why are some preachers boring and others not?  There are many possible reasons that might stand alone OR are inter-related.  Consider these offered for contemplation…

The person listening has a heart hard  toward God… therefore what is being said is meaningless to them because…

God prevents the person from hearing and understanding the message (Don’t get mad… CLICK HERE), or…

Satan prevents the person from hearing and understanding the message (Click here), or…

The hearer’s own rebellion and sin has resulted in a hardness of heart and therefore God gives them over to not care about the message of the Gospel (Click here).

The preacher is not called to proclaim the Gospel and so the Spirit does not empower his proclamation.

The person listening has not prepared themselves to hear God’s Word… so the message is meaningless to them.

The preacher has not spent adequate time in study and prayer prior to delivery of the message so it lacks substance which the hearers recognize and therefore the ignore what he says.

The person listening is inept in the mental exercises of hearing, evaluating, and thinking (Unless it’s a political speech!).

The preacher delivers a sermon of his own thoughts and not a message from God, therefore it has no eternal significance.

The person listening has so many other serious concerns in their life they are distracted from listening effectively.

The preacher is speaking in the flesh and not in the Spirit.

The person listening is on medication and when they sit still they can’t stay awake (Statement of fact… sometimes).

God has given the hearer a spirit of stupor so that they do not comprehend what is being said (CLICK HERE).

I know that is a lot to process and consider.  Determining which of the above applies to a person or a people group is most probably kept within God’s secret wisdomSo what are we to do… what is options/remedies are open to us?  Consider the following:

Hearer, you are responsible when you hear a message… to hear from God by engaging actively what is being said (1 John 4:1).  As it is written… “God’s Word does not return void.”

Hearer, ask God to manifest and reveal himself as you hear the Word proclaimed.  Pray for the one who will deliver the message… that God’s Spirit will fill him with truth and that he will proclaim it faithfully.

Preacher! Be faithful in what God has called you to do!  STUDY diligently… PRAY passionately… PROCLAIM boldly with love for God to be glorified and His people built up.

Preacher! PREACH THE WORD! Do not preach your opinions.  Be sure that everything you say is: True, glorifies God, and edifies the Bride of Christ (The Church).

So now you know!  That’s why a preacher can be boring AND how that can change for you!  Wow… eternal question solved in ONE POST!  (Snicker… wink!)