Malachi 3:8-10; Luke 11:42

As Christians, in eternity past God wrote our name in His Book of Life.[i]  He gave HIS only son so that we could live![ii]  He has NOT dealt with us according to what we deserve (Eternal Wrath).[iii]  He’s lavished His eternal love on us.[iv]  He’ll never leave nor forsake us.[v]  HE only allows into our life what is ultimately for our good![vi]

It means God will not allow anything into our life that we can’t handle.[vii]  HE won’t allow anything or anyone to separate us from Him.[viii]  It means that the Holy Spirit AND Jesus pray FOR us constantly.[ix]  It means Christ LIVES IN US.[x]  It means when we die at least two angels will escort us into God’s presence… heaven.[xi]

All of these… & many more things… are gifts!  We haven’t done anything to earn or deserve them.  HE gave them all to us even though we are sinful sinners to our core!  How awesome is that?!

The best gage of our love for God is how we handle our money. REPEAT!

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