This is from a blog I read titled The Gospel Driven Church.

Best Life Now.jpg   Okay, logically speaking, if the first book is about creating Your Best Life Now, how do you do better than that? How do you get better than best?

   The new book is Become A Better You.  Why should anyone buy and believe this one? If I have already achieved my best life — which I assume means it is as good as it gets — is it possible I can still get better?   Do you see yet that this stuff, for all its claims to create success and satisfaction, is just a self-perpetuating cycle that creates dissatisfaction, discontentment? This “being a better you” stuff is self-idolatry; it is the new legalism, because it exalts the ever-“improving” self over satisfaction with Christ.

Best Life Now Better You.jpg  Amen to all that… and more.  The whole prosperity gospel thing has been addressed here before on other blogs (Click here and here)… but the movement is like a boomerang that won’t go away.  Popularity and numbers don’t mean a thing when it comes to the validity of the message being preached.  After all, there are millions… if not billions of flies that love rotten putrid decaying meat, but that doesn’t mean it is good to eat!  (Okay… that metaphor may be a little harsh… but it’s not far off).

  The Gospel I read is one of self denial.  It is one of sacrafice.  It is dying to self.  It is becoming poor in order to become rich.  It is suffering.  It is the opposite of everything i read and hear about from so many others in religious America today.

  I agree with the gentleman I quoted above… If you can have your BEST life now, then what is the need for a second book?  How can a person become a better you if they bought the first book and applied all the principals of the first?  In my opinion the only person profiting from these books are the author and publisher.

  God willing… I’m done blogging about all this! 

  “If any man is willing to come after me he must deny himself… take up his cross daily… and follow me” (Jesus in Luke 9:23).