fired-color  This “In The Bleachers” comic is both funny… and true.  For coaches, and many others in life (Businesses, Universities, churches, etc), there are things that go on behind the scenes no one knows about but the favored few.

  I’m glad that Tommy Tuberville chose to step aside “for the good of Auburn” (Read, was forced out). Same thing for Fulmer and Croom at Tennessee and Mississippi State respectively.  I’m glad because all three will do well financially for their decision and have a less stressed life.  That is a good thing…

In an article about Coach Fulmer it is reported that… “There was tenuous discussion between the two about how Fulmer’s exit would be couched.”  Read, “They argued about what would be said and if the truth would be told about why he was leaving.”

Then Tommy Tuberville’s mom told a newspaper what really happened to her son… “Olive Tuberville told an Opelika News reporter that her son was actually fired, and disputed what the university press release stated had occurred.”  Note 1: Never get a mother mad by treating their child wrong and then lying about it!  Note 2: Tuberville’s multimillion dollar severance is the same his contract stipulated “if” he were fired (Hmmm…).

Wouldn’t it be refreshing if people would tell the truth?  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if words weren’t “lawyered” and instead the facts were told? Wouldn’t it be nice if the truth… the whole truth… and nothing but the truth was spoken instead of all the wordsmithing that goes on?

I’m sure a university somewhere has been honest and told the truth (Although I can’t think of one right off hand).  I’m sure at some time the President of a school said… “You know… he just wasn’t getting the job done the way we wanted.” Or “He didn’t win enough games.” Or “The decisions he made were stupid… and that’s why we’ve fired him.” Or, “We just wanted somebody different.”  At least then they would be honest!

So next time you hear, “We’ve come to a mutual decision…” (Whether relating to coaches, CEOs, or ministers) know that someone, somewhere, in some way, on one side or the other has forced the issue in order to win and get their way.  Another way to say it is that one person was pressured enough to make “the right decision.”  Just like you saw in the cartoon.

Have a great day and remember, the Truth (Jesus) will set you free!