Watch this video of a bullet shot ricocheting and hitting the shooter in the head (Don’t worry… he’s okay… no blood or gore).  Watch for the bullet hitting the dirt in front of him at about :19 into the video.

“What goes around comes around,” or as it is put in Scripture, “A man will reap what he sows.  If he sows to the wind, he will reap the whirlwind.”

I’ve tried as best I could to teach my children to be careful of what they say… because it can… and probably will… come back on you!  I know that from experience.  I’ve told them, “If you take a shot at someone you’d better duck because it could ricochet and hit you in the head” (Thus the video).  It’s better to just “FIMO” (Forget It, Move On).

I’ve since had the opportunity to point out to my kids things people said or did to them or someone close that ended up biting the person on the rear end.  In those teachable moments I hope they got it… I hope they learned.  That way maybe they’ve learned something without having to get knocked in the head like I have…