Mad CareMy son Britton sent this picture to me and it got me thinking…

Often people, even in churches, think that just because someone disagrees with them or believes something different than they do, they somehow become an enemy. Rather than continue to show grace, mercy, compassion, and forgiveness IN SPITE OF the temporary issue at hand, they become adversaries. I’ve seen it happen many times, especially in a church setting… and that is sad.

Just because you reject Calvinism doesn’t mean you have to dislike Calvinists. Just because you like contemporary worship doesn’t mean those who prefer hymns are “missing it.” Just because you wear a suit or dress to worship doesn’t mean those dressed casually don’t love Jesus as much as you do. Christians who are Democrats don’t have to loathe Republicans and visa versa.

I remember a man and woman at one church I served… She was an Auburn fan, he was a Bama fan. She was a Democrat, he was a Republican. He loved Rush Limbaugh, she didn’t care for him at all. They were as different as night and day… except when it came to Christianity. They disagreed how to get things done, but they were on the same team. They were determined that unity in Christ was more important than anything else and they refused to be divided over all the little issues of life. When the other was hurting or in need, the other was the first one there for them. Why? Because of Jesus loved them and therefore they loved each other. They got mad at times, but they refused to quit caring and loving each other.

Too often I’ve observed Christians in churches have a disagreement and then attack the person they disagree with. I’ve been privy to hearing one person criticize and castigate those in the congregation that disagree with them. Too many times people in churches sit on one side of a worship center because they didn’t want to sit next to “THEM.”

Please… just because someone hurts your feelings doesn’t mean they must become an enemy. And just because you get mad at someone doesn’t mean you should quit caring for them. “By this all men will know you are my disciples… by your love for one another” (Jesus in John 13:35).